Ph.D. in Biomolecular Sciences
anno accademico 2014/15

Andrea Pugliese

  • Program.
  • Suggested books.
    • Mood A.M., Graybill F.A., Boes D.C., Introduction to the Theory of Statistics. McGraw-Hill, New York, 1974. [a very complete textbook]
    • Scheaffer R.L., McClave J.T., Probability and Statistics for Engineers. ITP, 2002. [a more practical oriented textbook]
    • Sokal R.R., Rohlf, F.J. Biometry : the principles and practice of statistics in biological research, Freeman, New York, 1995 [a standard advanced textbook for biologists]
    • M.C. Whitlock, D. Schluter, Analisi statistica dei dati biologici, Zanichelli, Bologna 2010 [a simpler textbook (only in Italian in the Library, but a translation of an English book) focussing on (population) biology problems]]
    • F. Crivellari, Analisi statistica dei dati con R, Apogeo, Milano, 2006; S. M. Iacus, G. Masarotto, Laboratorio di statistica con R, McGraw-Hill, 2006[two textbooks (in Italian) on using R for statistics]
  • Calendar of lectures:
    Look at this page for some scripts introducing to the use of R.
  • Exercises:
  • Exam on February 18. You can bring one sheet of paper with notes or formulae written on.

Andrea Pugliese
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